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Your Travel Questions Answered!

“Ask me anything!” I posted on Facebook a few days back. “I’ll answer your travel questions! What do you want to know about my personal travels or travel in general?”   So many curious minds! I received loads of travel questions and I am so excited to answer them today! Q) Dawn L. was curious about the places I have been to, asking if I had ever visited Spain or Israel. A) No, I haven’t been to either place! I almost booked a ticket to Spain on the trip I am now on, but unfortunately the timing and budget weren’t working out for us. It…
Should I Book A Mixed Gender Hostel Room?

Should I Book A Mixed Gender Hostel Room?

“But it’s so much cheaper!” I remember saying as we scoured hostels online. “Does it really matter? We will hardly ever be in the room! Let’s book it. What could go wrong?”   Those were the words we would come to eat for breakfast our first morning in our hostel. We woke up and began gathering our shower items, sorting through our scant clothing options for something cute to wear. As we dug, we were oblivious to the guy in the towel who had just entered the dorm room. I found my items first and made my way to the hallway restroom. Just a few…