Washington road trip and Bigfoot

Washington State Roadtrip and Bigfoot?

I just have to say, my mom is the cutest ever! She just cracks me up. My mom and I went to Seattle for my birthday and ended up snowed in nearly the entire week thanks to Snowmageddon 2019. On the one day we were actually able to get out of the house we were renting, we decided to roadtrip a little through our favorite state and share some of my dad’s bigfoot locations with you. My dad’s bigfoot story: Bigfoot in Washington begins at 3:12, https://youtu.be/waWt7K5igZA

I’m Taking a ‘Me’ break.

I have so much to say!  But I’m not going to say it for a while. I’ll be taking a break to focus on ME. I’ve been dealing with severe anxiety for the last five years, and by “dealing with”, I really mean “being run over by”. It’s time to take time for myself, learn to relax, see more doctors, and get my life and my stress response back under control. If you’ve traveled with me or if we are friends IRL, you’ve seen how this has taken a toll on my body, my happiness, and my personality. It has caused me to become a recluse, struggle…
Knappogue Castle, Linda's ancestor's family home.

Stories from a Female Traveler: Meet Linda

Have you ever heard someone talk about all the things they wish they had done? My husband and I knew that his parents were eager to see Europe. At 77, they were convinced that they would never be able to go. I, however, was deteremined that they would see the world. So, last Mother’s Day when we spotted round-trip tickets for a ridiculously low price on , we scooped up a set of tickets for my mother-in-law. She had dreamed of visiting Ireland for quite some time and being interested in her genealogy, she had uncovered that a large part of her family lineage had…

A New Home On Wheels

Pardon this brief intermission. Life has become crazy! As you may remember from this post, we had purchased a 2004 Keystone Outback and had just signed the papers to sell our house. We were moving fulltime into Babette (that’s her name) and were going to be hitting the road. Well, that didn’t last long. About one week into living fulltime in Babette, I stopped hanging the clean clothes up. Why? Because there simply wasn’t enough room for our clothing! We had downsized our belongings A LOT – and still couldn’t find the space we needed. My clothing was crammed into a closet, stuffed under the…