24 Hours in Paris

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If you recall from this post, our time for exploring Paris was cut short by an unexpected Airbnb cancellation.

While we were already on a tight timeline, this delay had eaten significantly into the mere day and a half we had in the city.

We now only had 24 hours to see the city!

24 Hours in Paris

As night fell, we were finally making our way to our hotel. We checked in, tossed our bags, and headed out to make the most of the remainder of the day. This is where I left you before.

I know. You’ve been so eager to know how we spent the rest of our time. Well, the time has come. So brace yourself!

We were not only able to see everything we had wanted, we made it back to our hotel before the sun was even down! While we didn’t actually enter any buildings, towers, monuments, etc, we did manage to see quite a lot in less than 24 hours!

I asked my mom what her favorite part of Paris was, to which she responded “The Eiffel Tower at night. Followed by the next day when you finally said we could stop walking and go back to the hotel.”

Did I fail to mention that aside from one short metro ride, we walked to every location? I figured it was the best way to make sure we saw everything!

24 Hours in ParisWe wore our shoes out walking to:

  1. The Seine-

    This was kind of hard to miss with it being in the middle of the city and all.

  2. The Eiffel Tower-

    The Eiffel Tower was the first place we visited when we arrived in Paris. The night of our late arrival, we enjoyed the view from Trocadero of the tower’s nightly lighting. Then, of course, you can also catch views of it from all around the city.

    24 Hours in Paris

    My (tiny) parents, standing on Pont Alexandre iii, with the Eiffel Tower looming behind.

  3. Pont Alexandre iii-

    One of the most beautiful bridges in Paris, I always love walking across the bridge, smiling at the adorable golden cherubs, and marveling at the beauty of the city.

    24 Hours in Paris

    My parents on Pont Alexandre iii

  4. Pere Lachaise Cemetery-

    Okay, so we actually didn’t walk to this place! This was the location we used the metro to get to. However, it is a huge cemetery, so we did still do some major walking here! This is one of my favorite cemeteries, and the one place we actually really visited and explored the entire day. We took the metro out to the closest station and spent about an hour walking through the paths of the cemetery. Having been there the year before, I was able to quickly locate some of the ‘must see’ tombstones and head back into the city.

    24 Hours in Paris

    Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

  5. Pont Neuf and the lovelocks-

    Pont Neuf was right beside the plaque my dad had wanted to find, so crossing it was imminent. We were able to stop for a few moments on the bridge to enjoy a few photographs with the Eiffel Tower and Seine behind us.

    24 Hours in Paris

    Pont Neuf and the Lovelocks

  6. Salvador Dali Painting and The Pompidou Museum-

    We accidentally stumbled past this while walking about! I was thrilled to find such awesome art!

    24 Hours in Paris

    Street Painting of Salvador Dali

  7. Arch de Triumph-

    Again, another place we didn’t go all the way to. Seeing the Arch from down Champes Elysees was good enough for us.

    24 Hours in Paris

    Arch de Triumph

  8. Champes Elysées and the Theater From “Charade“-

    If you are an Audrey Hepburn fan, you might recognize this little theater from her movie, Charade. Being one of my favorite movies, I was excited to find the theater. I was a little sad that the gate was closed so I couldn’t get close to it but to see it was exciting for me still.

    24 Hours in Paris

    Vrai Guignolet from the movie, Charade.

  9. Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel-

    Seeing as the arch is located at the Louvre, it is hard to miss. This is the smaller of the arches in Paris.

    24 Hours in Paris

    The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

  10. Louvre

    While the Louvre would have been awesome to go inside, we were very scant on time and I knew from past experience that the Louvre requires at least half a day to explore. We decided to nix the inside tour and enjoy a mini-photo session outside instead.

    If you decide to visit the Louvre on your trip to Paris, I highly recommend buying tickets in advance so you can skip the line!

    24 Hours in Paris

    Enjoying the external beauty of the Louvre


    24 Hours in Paris

    The Pyramid at the Louvre

  11. Tuileries Gardens-

    The gardens beside the Louvre are beautiful to explore, even in the winter. We spent a bit of time walking through the gardens and exploring the area around it.

    24 Hours in Paris

    The Tuileries Gardens

  12. Notre Dame

    We didn’t want to wait in line to go inside, so we settled for enjoying a few moments outside of the cathedral. It would have been amazing to do a tour of it though since I’ve now been to Paris three times and never been inside!

24 Hours in Paris

Notre Dame, Paris

Do you think we were able to successfully make the most of our day? I do! We did see more things as we scurried through the city, such as a monuments and several other museums which I didn’t photograph.

While I would NEVER recommend only having one day to see a city and having to skip going into every interesting place, I am very grateful that we were able to do as much as we did! My family ended up having a blast in Paris, and the entire ordeal made for a fun story for them to tell their friends.

Have you had limited time to see a city? How did you manage to fit everything in? Share in the comments below!

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24 Hours in Paris


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