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If you haven’t browsed the app store lately, you are missing out!

There are apps for EVERYTHING you can imagine. You can have apps tell you when to drink water, tell you how much you’ve walked in a day, you can even make phone calls from an app without cell phone service. It’s amazing how much technology plays a part in our lives now, and how much a simple app can actually be helpful! I use a lot of different apps when I travel to make my trip go smoothly!

 Apps to Help Your Travels
Activities and Reservation Tracking:

Google Trips is a free app which provides you with so many useful tips and ideas! A favorite feature of this app is that it loads your itinerary based on your Google emails. When I open my app, it knows where I am going, where I am staying, and for how long. It can provide you with directions from the airport, a nice assortment of activities you can add to your plans, places to visit, and even restaurants which can be sorted by budget! You can even download the cities you are visiting to be able to access reservations, things to do, etc, offline.

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When I am abroad, I often decide to make sporadic trips to other cities or countries. To find the best prices, times, and options, I use GoEuro or JetRadar.

JetRadar is a superb app for finding flights, and I love the ‘Journey’s feature, which allows you to see a map of prices and locations for those days when you just need to get away. I also like to aimlessly click random locations just to watch the little plane icon fly there, and see how cheap the trip would be.

You can also set Price Drop notifications to alert you when your dream trip comes within budget, and add your dream trip to a Favorites list to make booking it later a breeze.

They also color code their flight calendar on the app, so you can easily see what the cheapest, middle priced, and most expensive days to fly are.

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The GoEuro is a free app is amazing at sorting through trains, buses, and planes to help you find the best route for your budget and time frame. I’ve even used the app to book an entire 8 country trip on a budget!

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Sending Mail:

I love using MyPostCard App for creating my own postcards to send back home! The rate per postcard is very reasonable, especially when you factor in what it would cost to buy a postcard and an international stamp for it! My friends love getting customized post from me with photos of my journey instead of generic postcards.

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MyPostCard App Get It Here

Send a custom postcard!

Send a custom postcard!


The different rates of money as you travel can be very confusing. I turn to Easy Currency Converter when my brain can’t do the math itself to get a great idea of exactly what I am spending.

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I like to try to learn a new language (or some of it anyway!) before I go on trips, however, sometimes there are so many countries that my mind confuses even basic words.
To learn languages, I use DuoLingo. You can read more about DuoLingo and join me in learning HERE. Get DuoLingo Here.
To get a quick (sometimes accurate) translation, I use Google Translate Get It Here


My favorite go-to photo editing app is called Snapseed. I love that Snapseed has the ability to edit RAW images, which was a huge draw for me since my cell phone photographs in RAW. It allows for a lot more flexibility in processing an image when you can photograph in this format. Snapseed has filters for every type of photograph, and also allows for manual edits and adjustments, allowing you to fully edit in your own style.

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Before Edit Neuschwanstein Castle Nessie out of WaterView from Neuschwanstein Castle After Edit

Offline maps have become so powerful, we were able to drive our camper from Washington State to Illinois only using offline maps, and successfully navigated without getting lost. My favorite offline map app? Easy! For me, it’s Here We Go! Here We Go Maps is a free navigation app which allows you to download the areas you need a map for. In Offline Mode, you can change your form of transit, whether it’s by foot or bus, and it will easily navigate you around.

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CityMapper is another excellent option for navigating a new city, and will show you up-to-date directions for bus, train, and walking. I like the amount of detail it provides you for your public transit connections. CityMapper is great to use if you do have a data connection for receiving real-time updates. I have not found how to download a city with it for offline use.

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Data and Texting

I use a T-Mobile phone plan which allows me to have data and texting from overseas at no additional monthly fee. With their amazing buyout plan, it is hard to go wrong with switching to them. If you are happy with your phone provider though, you can download apps for texting and making phone calls abroad over WIFI without racking up a huge mobile fee from your carrier.
Facebook Messenger Get It Here

Google Hangouts App Store / Play Store

Viber Get It Here

Skype Get It Here


What apps can you not live without when traveling? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Apps to Enhance Your Travels


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