Planes, Trains, or Buses: Your Budget Travel Options Explained

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We all know that planning a trip can be exhausting, and when you finally get to the point of planning where you can book all your connections, it can be so intimidating to pick the right budget travel options!


Budget Travel Options,


I find that using the GoEuro website is an incredible way to plan and save! I like to look through ALL my options, whether it be bus, train, or plane. With busses and trains being my preferred transit (unless a flight makes more sense to do) for getting around small European countries, I can easily sort by price, commute time, and have a look at the proximity of the station to the city center.

Why Buses and Trains?

While we all, of course, adore the speed of an airplane, there is just something about being able to look out the window as you travel through new countries and being able to enjoy the landscapes that has a romantic aspect to me. Being able to spread out on a bus and not be cramped in seats which are too tiny with an airline attendant trying to sell you perfume is a huge bonus as well!


Unlike with airplanes which land outside of the city and require an extra commute leg (and extra ticket price) to get to the city, I love that (for the most part) trains and buses go very close to the city center, making getting from the station to your hostel a breeze! In most cases, I have been able to take a short walk and get to my hostel with just a quick glance at the map.


Buses and trains also can allow you to cut your travel costs down by huge amounts! GoEuro allows you to sort by the price, making it easy to find your best budget travel options. You will normally find that buses and trains are the most cost savvy. I love booking overnight transit when possible and curling up for the night. Keep in mind, for the best price, you may find yourself sleeping in just a seat instead of in a bed. Trains often do offer sleeper cabins for an additional price. Or, if you’re like me, you can accidentally score an upgrade for free.


Austria Bus Stop,

Our bus from Munich to Ljubljana stopped in Austria for a short break, allowing us to stretch our legs, caffeinated, and enjoy the fresh mountain air!


Is taking a long bus or train tedious?

Well, yes. I can definitely be. We’ve always been lucky to find nice people to chat with, or had music or movies downloaded. In my opinion, it does beat the rush to get to the airport with enough time, plus enduring onboarding and offboarding time, etc.


On trains and buses, you are allowed to carry more luggage with you at no additional fee then if you were to fly a budget airline!

When Do I Fly?

When the timing makes sense!

If the bus or train is over six hours long and no overnight options are available, I will normally lean towards a flight. At that point, you have to weigh your budget travel options and decide whats more valuable to you. Having more time to spend in your next destination or the money you will be saving.

Important To Know:

As far as your budget travel options go for airlines, they can be a great way to quickly get to a new country. However, most do not land at or depart from the main airport, causing you to have to spend extra money and time to get to the city center.

So if you love a good road trip…!

Explore the option of taking a train or a bus! On my more recent trip, we visited London, Cologne, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Ljubljana, Austria, Venice, Rome, Florence, Galway, Dublin, the Highlands of Scotland, and Edinburgh. The entire time we were in Europe, we only boarded a plane three times. Other than that, we took only buses and trains, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions we could have made!

Thanks to taking four overnight buses or trains, we were able to cut down on our hostel fees, saving us even more money for our next glass of Gluhwein!

What travel tips have you learned along the way? Share in the comments below!


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Budget Travel Options,

My life has been a collage of airlines and exhaustion, and I wouldn't change a thing! I'm a budget traveler, and I adore exploring the world one plane or train ticket at a time!

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