Trinity College Library, Dublin

Dublin: A Travel Guide

Oh, man! I seriously love traveling. Mix the gorgeous scenery of Ireland in with my love of adventure and you’ve formed a serious addiction for me! I’ve been to Ireland three times now, and each time I feel at home straight-away. The people of Ireland are so friendly, funny, caring, and simply an enjoyable bunch….
How to Keep Your Photos Safe When Traveling - Nessie Out of Water

How I Keep My Photos Safe

Before online photo storage really became a thing, the thought of my photos not being safely preserved forever was enough to keep my up at night. I can’t tell you how many websites I signed up for in the early ages of online photo storage. They all claimed to keep my photographs safe, yet ended up going under and taking…

How to Pick a Travel Partner

I have traveled solo one time. One amazing, wonderful time. While it was a magical, liberating experience, I am not the most social bird in the hostel. Meaning I spent my entire time in Munich alone- browsing the parks alone, sipping gluhwien alone, boarding trains by myself. My memories from my time spent by myself…
How to Beat Jetlag

How To Beat Jetlag

So Long, Jetlag! Traveling is hands-down one of my favorite activities. It makes my heart skip, my feet dance, my nerves peak, my brain storm, and my excitement overflow. For me, there’s nothing like the rush of boarding a plane, heading off to a foreign land, and preparing for adventure. For many, it can be…