Christmas Market Excitement

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The air has begun to crisp outside, enough to call for my light coat. The smell of my Spice Blend Essential Oils is mixing in the air with the cinnamon rolls my husband is baking. In the distance, a fireplace is gently wafting the smell of burning wood into the air, and I want to curl up with a favorite fluffy blanket and mug of apple cider. I simply can not wait for this year!

Christmas Markets: The Most Amazing Time of the Year

I’m aware that it is only October, and I am also one of those people who hates to decorate for Christmas before Halloween has passed, however…! The smells and feels of early winter are upon us, and with them, the excitement of Christmas Markets begins brewing inside me! I can’t control myself; I’ve dreamed non-stop of the delicious cookies I had last winter which tasted ever-so-faintly of chai! I must find them again!

Abigail- my traveling pal- and I will be hitting Europe, ready to conquer all the warm drinks and enjoy French Horn trios in the city centers. The entire month of December is beckoning for us, and we will be hitting every market we can come into proximity with, which may mean A LOT since our December is jam-packed with countries!

Nuremberg Germany in December

Exploring Nuremberg Germany in December

The Christmas Markets last year certainly didn’t disappoint. As I walked the streets of Munich and Nuremberg, Market after Market made themselves known, hiding down roads I would love to explore all season long. My favorite magical Christmas Market moment occured while visiting Nuremberg when to my wondering ears, I heard the piping of a French Horn as it tuned. My heart sang! I play French Horn, and the sound of a beautifully played one truly makes my soul happy! I stood outside the cathedral, listening as they belted out a beautiful tune, I dropped a few euro into their hat and continued about exploring with a smile on my face, and their gorgeous sounds followed me down the road, eventually fading on one last, marvelous serenade.

I can’t wait to embrace all the joy, warmth, and star anise scents in the air! You can find the nearest Christmas Market to you here!

What is your favorite Christmas Market to visit or favorite treat to grab while there? Share in the comments below!


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Christmas Markets: The Most Exciting Time of the Year

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