Holiday Gift Ideas for the Female Traveler

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So, do you have a girlfriend, wife, bestie, sister, or whatever, who already has it all?

“She’s a world traveler. She’s explored. She’s exotic.”


Yeah, yeah. I hear you. Surely she has EVERYTHING she could ever need! Right? How are you supposed to pick a gift for her this year!?

Worry not. As a female world traveler, I scoured my favorite website and picked what I feel are some ahhh-mazing presents for under the tree or in a stocking! In the spirit of the holidays, we are shopping small business and hitting for this years Christmas List.


Christmas gift ideas for Female Traveler


For the Art Lover

I always look for new art when I am traveling. There is just something about having a new piece which helps you remember an amazing time you had somewhere. What I love about this adorable, kitschy little print from kiwiNberries is how it uses imagery from around the world to build the alphabet.

This is the perfect present for an art lover, or even for the new mom who is decorating a nursery with a travel theme!

via store kiwiNberries

For The Sleeping Princess

These cute eye masks from 805Masks make¬†such a great gift because A) Sleeping when on a plane is brutal, so why not look like an adorable princess while doing it? and B) They’re freaking awesome and hilarious!

via store 805Masks

For the Travel Buddy

Maybe you’re like me, and you¬†LOVE having a friend along on your travels. This shirt from TheGoodLifeTees is the perfect gift for them, plus it symbolizes your sisterhood and how blessed you are to have them as your travel buddy!

For my travel buddies, this would be a very special shirt which I know they would love for a long time!


Via store TheGoodLifeTees

For the Jewelry Lover

Surprise, surprise! This made my list again (ahem, hint hint, husband!). I adore these little rings from Shekhtwoman! This little company offers SO many gorgeous,  detailed, cityscaped rings featuring amazing places around the world!

Via store Shekhtwoman

For the Woman with Instagram-fame Dreams

We’ve seen hats like this¬†all over¬†Instagram lately, and with good reason! They’re¬†adorable!¬†If the woman you are shopping for¬†loves¬†Instagram, travel selfies, or just adorable hats, grab one of these from¬†ModParty.

Via store ModParty

For the Woman Who’s Bad with Saving Money

Uhg, seriously though, why does it have to be so expensive to fly around the world? Saving money is hard, and especially hard for some more than others. Me personally, I don’t like spending money often. However, we all know¬†those girls who have to go and buy special outfits for the travels, have their nails done, and drink Starbucks everyday. You can be an¬†awesome friend this holiday by helping them save for their next grand aventure with this money jar from WanderCollective!

Want to make this an extra amazing gift? Drop a crisp $20 inside before wrapping!

Via store WanderCollective


For the ‘Coffee by the Fire’ Woman

I am a little bit this. It’s the romantic image I have in my head. I don’t know where it came from, but the idea of having coffee by a morning fire is just.. it’s just¬†dreamy!

If the woman you are shopping for loves camping, campfires, or for some weird reason has this same romantic idea in her head as I do, this grab this mug from ODYSEAstore for her!

Be sure to check out their store for other adorable designs, including mugs which drop the ‘f’ bomb and are pretty rad!

Via store ODYSEAstore

For the Artist

One of my favorite memories traveling is of sitting on the train in England, just painting watercolors from my day, faces on the train, etc. Watercolor postcards are an incredible gift for an artist as they are lightweight and make it so easy to send back a little something your way! No need to waste time shopping for postcards when you can make them yourself and have it be meaningful for you and the receiver! This set of postcard sized watercolor paper from Papierdepoche would make a great stocking stuffer!

Via store Papierdepoche

For the Girl who Wants a Tattoo but is too Scared

I have always wanted to be brave enough to get a tattoo! Yet the questions always lurk, “will I regret it / like it in 10 years / feel ugly”. Maybe these sweet little temporary tattoos from¬†Tattoorary¬†are just what your adventurous friend needs in order to make their big tattoo decision as well! Or maybe, they would just love to spend an afternoon playing with temporary tattoos!

Via store Tattoorary


Via store Tattoorary

For the Writer

I write down everything. Lists are my favorite. When I am on the road, I am¬†constantly scratching something into my journal! When I’m cleaning my house and stumble upon my journals, I forget the dustbunnies and dishes and disappear back into my trip, back into the adventure! This personalized journal from PortlandLeather¬†will help your friend remember their amazing journey as well!

Via shop PortlandLeather


That sums up the list for this year! Did you find something incredible? I hope so! Otherwise, I hope it at least helps get you going in the right direction!


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Christmas gift ideas

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