Five Non-Cliche Books for Female Travelers

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I love curling up with a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and an excellent book. For me, the book automatically gets five extra stars if it is a unique, non-cliche book which lets me travel to a far-off land.


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Anytime I see someone on Facebook asking for book recommendations, I am sure to comment! If you are struggling with the winter blues and need something to keep you cozy, then check out my list of awesome, non-cliche books for the female traveler!

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My List

1. The Feasting Season by Nancy Coons

This book has a lot of sex in it. I’ll be honest. But it also involves photography, artists, food, France, and Spain. So I read it, and I loved it!

2. The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly

You’ve probably seen me mention this book a few times by this point, and that’s because it is truly my favorite book ever!

Fiona lives in London and is in love with her boyfriend, Joe. They have big dreams together, but something tragic will happen, which will lead to something else tragic, which will lead to something else tragic, and so on. Did I mention it takes place in London? During the Jack the Ripper days? Maybe I shouldn’t write book reviews, huh? In the words of Tweeder from Varsity Blues, I give it “A 10! A 10!”

5 Non-Cliche Books for the Female Traveler, The Tea Rose

3. Revolution, also by Jennifer Donnelly

Andi, from modern day New York, and Alex, the son of Marie Antoinette, have their worlds collide in this beautiful journey through Paris and self-discovery. Revolution involves a bit of time travel, which is not really my style normally, but I love how Donnelly maneuvers it!

4. Paris Was Ours by Penelope Rowlands

An intimate collection of 32 essays, all by different writers, regarding Paris and life.

I love to carry this book with me when I am traveling and read short little stories while I wait for trains and planes!

5. The Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod

A memoir about leaving California and finding happiness in Paris.

Who doesn’t love reading stories like this?


Do you have a favorite book that can whisk you away with the turn of a page? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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 books for female travelers, non-cliche books for females

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