The Great 7 Country Excursion

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Kids, today I’m going to tell you about how I accidentally had a 7 country excursion in 22 days.

If you remember from this post, my husband knocked me off my feet when he found some wildly cheap airfare. Before I knew what I was doing, I had whipped out my credit card and booked the flights. I was so ecstatic. I was going to Oslo!

Our Accidental 7 Country Excursion

Our Accidental 7 Country Excursion

I was more than happy to be visiting Norway! I had never been there before! I started doing some research, and my heart simply dropped to the pit of my stomach.

The prices were¬†so high there! Just¬†one night in a hotel was going to be $100 – and it was just a¬†micro-hotel! There was no way I could afford to stay there for the entire trip. I looked up AirBnb, VRBO, Hostel World, everything! Either the affordable places were not available or they weren’t located well. I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into.

Crying, I flopped on the bed in our tiny living room/bedroom/basement loft. I felt crushed and suddenly so at loss.

My husband woke up long enough to ask what was wrong, and said: “We will figure it out tomorrow, Nelly.”

Our Micro-Hotel in Oslo

Our Micro-Hotel in Oslo. Aside from a tiny bathroom, that is the entire space!

Enjoying Oslo Norway on a snowy January morning.

Enjoying Oslo, Norway on a snowy January morning.

In the morning, after an erratic night of sleep, my husband once again came to the rescue.

“What about Ryanair?” He asked. “You can fly to Scotland for about $20 to $30 dollars.” I bolted straight up in bed. WHAT! Suddenly, my bright day which had turned into a dark night turned back into an even brighter day.

When my husband arrived home from work that day. I once again had a troubled look on my face. “Honey, Ryanair flies from Norway to Scotland, but neither airline goes from Scotland to Norway. I can’t return from there!” I had also discovered EasyJet by this point and had alternated flight companies based on the best availability.

“So don’t”. My husband is very matter of fact. “Go somewhere else. Where¬†can you return to Norway from?”

Twenty minutes pass before I shout a “Eureka”. “I can fly from London to Oslo!”

“Perfect!” He says. “Can you get from Edinburgh to London?” I searched. The flights were a bit pricey, but they did exist, I recounted to him. “See where else you can go to then.” He instructed me.

National Theater Oslo

A Snow Covered National Theater Oslo

This is when I learned that visiting in the winter is cheap, but finding flights for the right price can be challenging.

That night, I called Krystal to tell her the news. “Remember how I said we were going to Norway?”

“Yes!” She replied excitedly. She was more than thrilled to be taking her first European adventure.

“Well, things have changed.” I began.

“Oh…” I could hear the nervousness in her voice.

“So we are going to Norway, don’t worry,” I continued. “However, due to flight patterns and prices, we are also doing a few other places.”

She became so excited!

“After Norway, we will fly to Scotland.”

“Oh! Okay!” She exclaimed excitedly.

Then I continued: “… and then to Ireland, and then to France, and then to Italy, and then to England, and then back to Norway.” I ran out of breath. Krystal gasped after every place was announced.

Map of 2015 7 Country Trip

Map of 2015 7 Country Trip

Learn from MY mistakes!

I would love for you all to avoid the distress I felt when booking my flights, which is why I am sharing all this with you! Take your time, don’t stress out, and be sure to do your research!

Though it took a lot of effort and a lot of emotions from me, I was able to book our 7 country, 22-day long journey, and minus the cost of our flights to get from home to NYC, our airfare only rang up a total of $577 each!

Flight Cost Nessie Out of Water

The costs of ALL my flights for my trip in January of 2015.


Lucky for us, our tour worked out very well and we were able to stay on budget. However, it very easily could have gone very wrong if I hadn’t known of all the airlines and accommodation sites to sort through.

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Have you had any whirlwind tours you’ve ended up doing by accident? Share in the comments!!


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