Home Behind Us

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Home Behind Us

Packing and leaving. Isn’t that the dream? I talk about how to pack for travel all the time, don’t I?

This is different though. This is a big pack-up.

This is our entire house going into boxes and storage containers, filling up a 10X10 space in the cold of northern Illinois.

This is all but a handful of items and clothing going into storage, the remainder being the necessities which we can’t go without; toothpaste, bacon, contact solution, etc.

Home Behind Us, Moving into our Camper, NessieOutOfWater.com

The Plan

Our plan had always been to fix up our house and pay off debts. Move on and decide where we really want to put our forever home. Amongst the places we have considered are Germany, Slovenia, Italy, France, England, Scotland, Washington and Oregon.

The Whim

One month ago, I became tired of renovating our house. I approached Adam with the idea of simply listing the house as it was on Craigslist to see if it would sell. We decided on a price and simply on exhaustion and whim, I photographed the house and posted it online.

Home Behind Us Front Yard Home for Sale, NessieOutOfWater.com

A gorgeous front door is always a must!

Home Behind Us Kitchen Home for Sale, NessieOutOfWater.com

My favorite pieces of the kitchen are the butcher block, paint color, subway tiles, and the $40 Ikea farmhouse sink we found!

Home Behind Us Kitchen Home for Sale, NessieOutOfWater.com

The kitchen as our biggest and most rewarding remodel we did! I absolutely love how it turned out!

Home Behind Us Sun Room Home for Sale, NessieOutOfWater.com

The bright and airy sunroom with bead board wallpaper and beautiful Queen Anne windows.

Home Behind Us Dining Room Home for Sale, NessieOutOfWater.com

Our gorgeous dining room with the original exterior walls exposed.


A mere thirty minutes later, a friend commented on the link I had shared on Facebook. She was in love with our house and I invited her and her husband over to see it. I thought to myself “Surely it won’t be that easy. It’s going to take months to sell the house! Don’t get your hopes up, J.”

Later that evening, she and her husband arrived, we showed them the before and afters (the house was tragic before we got it!), and we began discussing costs. Today, we received our appraisal back and are gathering all the paperwork for our closing! I’m still in shock that we have actually almost finished selling the house and are changing our address again!

So where are we going in a mere three weeks?

Everywhere. Meet our next home, Babette.


Babette is a 2004 Keystone Outback 25RSS. What does that mean? She’s 25 feet long and has a rear slide out and a side slide out. The rear slide out is where the master bedroom is, and once extended makes her a full 30′ long. She’s gorgeous and bright on the inside, exactly what I had wanted, and the best part? She was only $6,000!

She needs a few remodels, such as a new awning and some wallpaper removal, but other than that, she is perfect!

We are going to slowly make our way south towards Texas, visiting friends along the way and exploring everything we normally whizz past. Then we are off to… Who knows!?

Literally and metaphorically, we are putting our Home Behind Us.

Home Behind Us Our Keystone Outback, NessieOutOfWater.com

You can see where we need to replace her awning here.

Home Behind Us Our Keystone Outback, NessieOutOfWater.com

We boondocked our first night with Babe and woke up beside a gorgeous stream and nature everywhere.

Home Behind Us Our Keystone Outback Bedroom and Dining, NessieOutOfWater.com

Facing the other way, we have our dinette, kitchen, and master ‘bedroom’.

Home Behind Us Our Keystone Outback Living Room, NessieOutOfWater.com

The living room and kitchen area, plus the bunkhouse in the back.

What’s Next?

Next week, I’ll share how we decided to move into a camper and how it is going to benefit us financially, making us free to travel Europe more often as well as raise our debt-to-income ratio!

America and its open roads are our oysters! Where should we go? Share in the comments below!

Also, a quick shout out to our IG account, @homebehindus. Follow along if you wish!

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Home Behind Us, Moving into our Camper, NessieOutOfWater.com

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