How I Slept On A Train

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My friend walked me back to the Amsterdam Centraal Station. “Your train will come in there.” She said, holding my ticket and pointing down the station to my terminal. I thanked her and hugged her bye, excited to board a train all by myself down to Munich.

How I Slept On a Train


I grabbed a bite to eat and a cup of coffee as the train arrival board announced a delay on my train and settled in beside the only outlet I could find to give my phone a bit more life. At last, my train arrived, and I rushed down to the platform it had originally been scheduled for. It wasn’t there! Panicking, I ran in literal circles around the station, attempting to find my train.

The arrival board clearly stated where the train was, however, the track was illusive.

Clearly, I was a muggle searching for Platform 9 3/4.

After several helpful people (or wizards, I’m still not positive) pointed me in the right direction, I located my train, breathing a sign of relief. Exhausted and more thrilled than I should have been to spend a night sleeping hunched over the dinette table, I boarded the train and took my seat.

My train car was empty aside from a few passengers and a German woman, who sat in the seat across the aisle from me, book in hand. I bundled up my jacket into a pillow and had just rested my head when the German lady turned to me.

In English, she urged, “It’s cold in here, ja?”
It was a bit chilly, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I do live in Chicago after all! Instead of disagreeing with her, I rubbed my arms and said “It is a little chilly.”
The train conductor worked her way through the train car, checking the few tickets which were in our car, before arriving at the German lady. “It’s cold in here.” She declared to the conductor in German.
The conductor spoke, something which I couldn’t understand, and the German lady pointed at me. “Diese Frau ist auch kalt!” (The woman is cold too.) I rubbed my arms in agreement.

The conductor checked my ticket and moved on to the next train car. The German lady turned to me, “The heater is broken. She’s going to move us.” I gathered up my belongings and waited.

Twenty minutes passed before the conductor returned.

I had decided that she had forgotten about us. Instead, she motioned for us to gather our things and follow. She led us two cars up, to the sleeping car. What!? I have never had a sleeping car!
The two Germans spoke to each other before the conductor closed the door behind us. The German lady turned to me in the tiny little room we were now locked into. “It’s free!” She declared excitedly.

Exhausted, I picked one of the two available beds which were left and climbed into my bunk, careful not to bother the other girls who were already sleeping in their bunks. I set my alarm to vibrate in a few hours time so I could be sure to not miss my stop. The time I would be arriving due to my train leaving late from Amsterdam Centraal was completely unknown to me. I knew I had a handful of hours to rest, though.

Sleeping on Trains


I slept so well.

In fact, my slumber was so deep, that apparently, I snored. A lot.

Now in college, my roommates made me very aware of my snoring, and I always thought it was funny that I could sleep through anything they threw at me. I would wake up to find myself cuddling with teddy bears, candles, shoes, and other items. Sleeping on the train, I quickly learned, was no different.

I had fallen asleep with one pillow in my bunk. When I awoke, I found myself with my head on my pillow, my back against a pillow, my arms wrapped around a pillow, and another one across my head. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing in embarrassment. I glanced around the bunks to be sure and found that all the girls in my bunk were now without pillows.

Sorry, not sorry. I was tired!

And that’s the story of how I got a sleeping car upgrade plus 3 extra pillows for FREE!

Have you had an embarrassingly hilarious slumber while traveling? Share in the comments below!

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