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How many languages do you speak?

Learn Foregin Language Nessie Out of Water

We were sitting at the airport, waiting for the boarding call.

Sheb turned to face me. “Have you ever been before?”

I shook my head. “No, never. But I’ve been practicing the language and it seems pretty easy.” I told her, assuredly.

She seemed impressed. “Oh yeah? How?”

I pulled my phrase book out of my pocket and showed her. “See, it has all these basic phrases in the back, and I’ve been studying them. I don’t know why anyone thinks French is hard. See, it tells you how to pronounce everything!”

Then to prove myself, “Bonjour.” I said, though it came out more of a “bone sure”, I was oblivious and felt really good about my pronunciation. I wouldn’t realize how bad my southern accent was preventing me from pronouncing a basic French word correctly until I reached Paris a few days later.

It makes me embarrassed when I travel to not know a second language.

Especially when you are visiting countries such as Germany or France, and the locals have to switch to English to help you order a coffee. America is one of the few countries where the majority of the population speaks just one language. Being of the ‘teach a man to fish’ state of mind, I try to pick up basic phrases before I travel to any foreign speaking country. However, I have found that while knowing basic words is helpful, it is not quite enough sometimes, especially when you leave the touristy areas.

After debating which language I would prefer to know, and realizing that I absolutely butcher the beautiful French accents, I have picked German as my language of choice! On my last trip to Europe, I visited Munich alone and found that I could get around very well with the German I had picked up so far!


German language phrase books

What does Duo have to offer?

My husband and I have both been using Duolingo for several years.  What I LOVE about Duolingo is that it’s completely FREE to use! The lessons are nice and short. You can also specify how fast and how intensely you want to learn the language!

Among the lessons offered are French, Spanish, Italian, Klingon (you read that right!), German, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Greek, Swahili, Japanese, and many many more!


From the PLAYSTORE    | From the APPSTORE

I am so close to being done with German, I can see the finish line! I need motivation though. If you are using Duolingo for your language skills, add me! We can follow each other’s progress and stay motivated!

Follow me on DUOLINGO and let’s learn together!


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