The Women Who Inspired Me to Travel

The Woman Who Inspired Me

At some point in your life, you will hear about something amazing that someone else has done. You will sit in awe of that person, wondering how you can ever be as wonderful as them.   For me, this person was my Grandma, Eddie Jones. She was an incredible woman who accomplished so much, had the ‘hots’ for David Boreanaz, raised a large family, was blessed with love, suffered loss, and lived a life fit for story books and movies.   Eddie Marie and George Oscar married during her late teen years and raised a large family in a house full of love. She talked…
Apps To Help You Travel

Apps To Help You Travel

If you haven’t browsed the app store lately, you are missing out! There are apps for EVERYTHING you can imagine. You can have apps tell you when to drink water, tell you how much you’ve walked in a day, you can even make phone calls from an app without cell phone service. It’s amazing how much technology plays a part in our lives now, and how much a simple app can actually be helpful! I use a lot of different apps when I travel to make my trip go smoothly!   Activities and Reservation Tracking: Google Trips is a free app which provides you with…