Apps To Help You Travel

Apps To Help You Travel

If you haven’t browsed the app store lately, you are missing out! There are apps for EVERYTHING you can imagine. You can have apps tell you when to drink water, tell you how much you’ve walked in a day, you can even make phone calls from an app without cell phone service. It’s amazing how much technology plays a part in our lives now, and how much a simple app can actually be helpful! I use a lot of different apps when I travel to make my trip go smoothly!   Activities and Reservation Tracking: Google Trips is a free app which provides you with…
On Our Wedding Day

Why It Is Okay to Travel Without Your Spouse

I’m sure you’ve all seen it; the meme going around the internet. It depicts two scenarios. The top photo shows a bride walking down the aisle, and reads “My Friends Walking Down the Aisle.” The bottom photo depicts a traveler boarding a plane and reads “Me Walking Down the Aisle.” There is so much wrong with this image and the message it sends to ladies around the world. It seems to scream “Hey! You’re married! Your life and dreams can no longer exist because you have to cook dinner, clean the house, and raise children. Forget about ever boarding a plane again or doing something…
Nuremberg Germany in December

Christmas Market Excitement

The air has begun to crisp outside, enough to call for my light coat. The smell of my Spice Blend Essential Oils is mixing in the air with the cinnamon rolls my husband is baking. In the distance, a fireplace is gently wafting the smell of burning wood into the air, and I want to curl up with a favorite fluffy blanket and mug of apple cider. I simply can not wait for this year! I’m aware that it is only October, and I am also one of those people who hates to decorate for Christmas before Halloween has passed, however…! The smells and feels…