Roadtrip to Georgia / We Wrecked our Camper

Roadtrip to Georgia / We Wrecked our Camper

We were all packed up! We had just finished spending three grueling weeks working on the interior of our camper, where we live. We built the bathroom walls, build the bed, the closets, and everything was loaded back up!

But, you know those days when nothing goes as planned? This ended up being one of those days.

We hit the road, and just 5 miles from our starting point, we hit a bit of a wheely bad situation. Pun intended. I should mention as well that we had just had our camper at the shop, having the bearings repacked, so… we are figuring out what we want to do regarding their work and our damages.

So what was supposed to be our first day back on the road in our home as we made our way south, became just a round-trip roadtrip instead, packed with more drama and laughter than imaginable.

Check out this video to see what adventures we found ourselves getting into, including but not limited to hiking a giant rock, spilling lots of coffee, and sketchy as hotels.

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