When Travel Leaves You Speechless

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I stood with my mouth wide open in Dam Square.

I was just another tourist standing in the hustle and bustle of other tourists, artists, performers, families, bicyclists, and basically all the things I love about visiting new cities. How much of this did I notice? All of it. I was absolutely mesmerized. I was completelyĀ speechless.

Amsterdam Speechless Nessie Out of Water

Though it could have been hours, I’m sure it was actually only a few minutes that we stood in the square. Starving and in need of caffeine, we hoisted our backpacks on and followed the blue dot on my phone to find our hostel, the StayOkay Vondel Park.

Along the way, we stopped for delicious and illusive fries with mayonnaise. Despite our searching, we would not find the same fry vendor again. Though there are many fry vendors around, others we would try just wouldn’t compare. We followed up our delicious fries with caffeine and continued our walk, crossing rail tracks, passing phenomenal street artists, avoiding the caloric intake the fresh waffles could give you just from their glorious scent, and weaved through road construction.

The blue dot on my phone came to a standstill, and we looked up at our destination.

Again, we were left absolutely tongue-tied. We stood outside pondering what this gorgeous building could have been in anĀ earlier life, admiring the architecture, and later- the views from its windows.

Amsterdam Speechless Nessie Out of Water

The StayOkay Vondel Park was a great hostel for my friends and I! It was easy to findĀ and excellently located.

Amsterdam Speechless Nessie Out of Water

I wish I had a photograph of the inside of our room, which was an old attic room with fabulous character. This was the mesmerizing view from our bedroom window!

Some things take time to be able to describe.

How can I use words to even begin telling how amazing Amsterdam was? I’m simply speechless from my journey there. Everything from the food, to the sights, to the smells, to the friendliness of the locals! Amsterdam is one of these places that will take time to describe.Ā Sometimes travel will leave you speechless, which is why I chose to document my trips- so I can relive them and continue searching for the best words. Below is simply one day captured through my eyes as I explored Amsterdam with my amazing travel partner.

Have you had an experience leave you speechless?

Have you had an experience where so much magic happens, you justĀ haveĀ to take a step back to process it?

Share your story below!

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