My Favorite Cheap Travel Secret

My Favorite Cheap Travel Secret

Life has been seriously crazy lately. I have been writing blog posts, I just haven’t been posting them. I’ve written about my struggles with anxiety while traveling SO many times, and then decided it’s just too personal to share. Funny, I can write about my adventures pooping abroad, but this, something I battle on a daily basis, this is too personal. 😉…
Home Behind Us Our Keystone Outback,

Home Behind Us

Home Behind Us Packing and leaving. Isn’t that the dream? I talk about how to pack for travel all the time, don’t I? This is different though. This is a big pack-up. This is our entire house going into boxes and storage containers, filling up a 10X10 space in the cold of northern Illinois. This…
Buskers You Should Know,

Two Amazing Buskers You Should Know

The tradition of busking dates back to Antiquity. This age-old practice has acquired a romantic association and draws people of all backgrounds together into a small crowd to witness a musician singing their heart out for a few pence to a few pounds.     In addition to earning a living with their performances, several…