Wonderful Wanderlust Inducing Films

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Films can transport you.

I mean, not literally, it’s not like you’re actually boarding the same flight as your favorite heroine in a film, but figuratively, I’ve been everywhere.

All I have to do is pop on a film or show involving travel and I get an immediate need to pack up my bag and buy a plane ticket! It doesn’t help that the town I used to live in (Wilmington, NC) is a film hub and I somehow manage to constantly find movies or shows filmed there and have a desperate need to move back. Thank you, Nicholas Sparks, for that.


Wonderful Wanderlust Inducing Films - Nessie Out of Water


I do have my go-to flicks for days when I just need to experience a city again.

Topping my list of I-need-to-pack-this-very-second-or-else entertainment is anything from Rick Steves’ Europe! I have his entire Europe Through the Backdoor collection on DVD and love being able to say “I need some Amsterdam today!” and throwing the DVD in, curling up with some cheese, and diving into a Dutch daydream.

Following shortly behind Rick (by the way, if you’re reading this, you’re magical) is this amazing assortment of travel shows and movies. There’s definitely something for everyone on this list, from horror to romance to history! Browse away and I hope you get some serious wanderlust!


Paris J’Taime

Midnight In Paris

How To Steal A Million



As Above, So Below


Last Love




Downton Abbey

One Day

Love, Actually

Harry Potter 



Eat Pray Love

Roman Holiday

Romeo & Juliet (2015)

Tuscan Wedding

Under the Tuscan Sun

Letters To Juliet



Game of Thrones

Whale Valley (I have not managed to watch this one yet. It’s on my list with thousands of others!)

Trapped (Another I have not managed to watch yet, but looks really good!)


Game of Thrones


Before Sunrise


The Way

Wild Oats


The Beach



PS I Love You

Leap Year

The Wind That Shakes the Barley



Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Mamma Mia


The Sound of Music



General Travel Inducers

The Grand Tour / Top Gear

House Hunters International

Parts Unknown

Expedition Unknown


Of course, there are tons of movies and shows filmed all over the world, and to be honest, I could sit and come up with more and more to list, but these are the ones which top my list and inspire me personally. Did I leave your favorite off? I can’t wait to watch your recommendations as well! Leave them below!

My life has been a collage of airlines and exhaustion, and I wouldn't change a thing! I'm a budget traveler, and I adore exploring the world one plane or train ticket at a time!

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