About Me

I’m Janelle!

My husband and I met in 2003 during region band concert. I played French horn, he played trombone, and our eyes locked across the music stands. We attended prom together in 2004, and have been together ever since!

I packed my bags for the first time in 2007, and haven’t been the same since.

I guess besides travel, my hobby is building tiny houses! We recently built our 1982 Silver Streak camper from the frame up and are now building a camper van to live in while we travel the US. Check us out on IG.

Reality Check

My goal is to encourage everyone to travel in the most beneficial way I know- by sharing encouraging stories from other travelers, joking about my own mistakes, and just being honest! Visiting other countries can be stressful, it can be messy, and it can be the best money you ever spend.

You won’t see pictures of me traveling with my hair perfectly done (because it never is), or in outfits which are absurd to pack just for a gorgeous photo. You will see me in the dead of winter my rain coat (waterproof means windproof, which makes it a great layer), staying in budget accommodations, doing the free walking tours, pausing to rest my aching feet in front of beautiful monuments, and snapping photos because I’m a photographer and it’s just what I do!

Saving that Money

I’m a travel craving photographer who loves seeing the world on the cheap and encouraging others to explore this amazing planet.

When I say I travel cheaply, I mean it! I never budget more than $1500-$2500 for an entire month abroad- including airfare- and am able to travel often because of this!

Have you ever stayed in a $4 hostel in Europe? I have! It even had a pool and sauna.

Flight Cost Nessie Out of Water

The costs of ALL my flights for my trip in January of 2015.

My Travels

Upcoming Travels

Like many, Covid-19 has shuffled travel plans drastically. I was scheduled to hike the Camino de Santiago this year, but that is being postponed. Meanwhile, we are building a campervan to explore the US (safely and with social distancing in mind) and plan to be hitting the road in the near future!


My travels have taken me to England four times, Ireland three times, France three times, Scotland twice, Norway twice, Italy, Iceland, Germany thrice, Slovenia twice, Spain, the Netherlands, and Crete.


I’ve also been to my fair share of states. Of the 50, I’m only missing these: North Dakota, Maine, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Delaware, and Alaska.