How I Keep My Photos Safe

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Before online photo storage really became a thing, the thought of my photos not being safely preserved forever was enough to keep my up at night.

I can’t tell you how many websites I signed up for in the early ages of online photo storage. They all claimed to keep my photographs safe, yet ended up going under and taking my photographs down with them. Lucky for me, I never keep my photographs solely in one place, so I always have managed to have a backup.

I want to savor and document every single memory, which is why I became a photographer! I trust in my photographs to be the saving grace when I’m elderly and I need to jostle a memory. My memories are one of the most important things to me, and my photographs help me share those memories with others. The fear of deleting a photograph forever is especially terrifying when I am traveling and that little notice pops up on my phone, “You are low on space!”

How to Keep Your Photos Safe When Traveling - Nessie Out of Water

Thankfully, it no longer terrifies me!

I no longer suffer from fear of losing my photographs when I travel, and what a relief it has been! In fact, I now remove my photographs from my phone as often as I need when I’m traveling to keep space free.

Thanks to Prime Photos, a service provided by Amazon to it’s Prime subscribers, I can simply grab the Prime Photos app and set it up to automatically back up my photos each time I am plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi.

Want to test it our yourself? Take advantage of all the features Prime has to offer- Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

Each night when I return to my hostel and plug-in my phone to charge, away my photos go into the big world of the internet. They are backed up, sharable, and safe!

Photo Upload - Nessie Out of Water

My absolute favorite feature of Prime Photos is the quality of the photographs.

Other online backup I had considered did things such as resizing the images upon upload, or skipping RAW files. These were both deal breakers for me. My cell phone (LG V10) takes photographs in RAW, and has quickly become my main travel camera. With Prime Photos, I know that my photographs (unlimited storage) and videos (limited) are being uploaded safely, in their full resolution and scale. Additionally, I can check the status of my uploads and know when everything is uploaded.

I can browse, download, share, and print my photos using the Prime Photos app on my cell phone, or by visiting the Prime Photos website or desktop application. Additionally, I can categorize all my photographs into folders, sort by date, and even type in a keyword such as ‘London’ to find any photos of London within my gallery. Bonus, since the photographs are uploaded each night, I can message my husband and he can log in and see what I’ve been up to, and vice versa.


Mulitple Benefits

We use Amazon Prime for so many scenarios, that I don’t foresee us discontinuing our use any time soon. Other amazing benefits that come with a Prime account of the use of Prime Music, Prime Shipping, and Prime Video. Don’t just take my word for it, give it a run yourself!

How do you keep your photos safe when traveling? I’d love to hear about your techniques!

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